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sold by Symmetry/Bella


Home elevators sold by Symmetry/Bella include the following models and brands: Inline Gear Drive, Hydraulic Drive, Winding Drum Drive, Luxury Redefined

If you have a Symmetry/Bella elevator and completed measuring form please submit it here

Cab operating panels

Cab operating panels will most likely look like one of these:

COP Symmetry 1

COP Symmetry 2

Metal finish and color will vary

Hall call stations

Hall call stations will most likely look like one of these:

Call hall Symmetry


Metal finish and color will vary


Labels found on the elevator controller or hydraulic pump will look like one of these:

Label1 Symmetry

Symmetry label-serial number

Please write down the Serial Number for the elevator which is identified on the label.


If you have identified your elevator as one made by Symmetry, please complete the measurement form and submit the measurements using the submission form. If required based on the CPSC guidelines, you will receive free space guards.

Submission Form

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